Idyllic self-sufficient quinta of 5 ha, 4 ruins and restored building, on the river Dão, Silgueiros, Viseu

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This self-sufficient quinta is located in an idyllic spot on the bank of the River Dão. On the plot are several granite ruins, two of which have a residential destination. The total registered land area of the ruins is 239 m². The two ruins registered as a residence have two floors. One of the registered barns has been refurbished into an attractive living space.
On the river are three linked watermills, one with millstones and the original wooden blades. There is also a recently built wooden building that serves as a kitchen, technical room, bathroom and toilet. On the premises are also three caravans and a yurt that are in good condition and equipped with a shelter.

How are the facilities?
Solar panels and batteries provide electricity, and a solar boiler serves hot water. Generating energy with hydropower may also be an option given the presence of the watermills.
Apart from the river there are several water sources where one water mine has always provided water to this day. The current owner has laid all kinds of pipes over a large part of the site, so water is available in various places.

Outdoor space?
The quinta has an area of more than 5 ha. The ground is partly covered with deciduous trees and other native trees, providing a lot of natural shade and a subtropical atmosphere. There are also flat areas in terraces suitable for agriculture. The current owner is a professional horticulturist who has planted a wide variety of (fruit and nut) trees in many places and does organic gardening. The quinta is located south-east.

Plots on the river are not up for grabs and plots with ruins of houses, among other things, are even scarcer. Due to the pure character of the ground, without being overgrown, a paradisiacal atmosphere is created.
The quinta is sold including the movable property (including caravans, two cars, forklift, containers with content, construction materials, two containers, firewood).
This quinta is also very suitable for a community. The place is ready for people who, for example, want to practice permaculture.

Where is it?
The plot is very private but it is not far from civilization. The last 1,3 kilometers are (currently) a well passable dirt road. The village of Silgueiros is about 2 km away. There are several facilities in the village like a bank, post office, café, bakery, restaurant, medical post, pharmacy). Sangemil, a village with hot springs is about 2 km away. The Caramulo mountain range is not far away. This serra offers lovely opportunities for beautiful walks and paragliding.
Tondela is about 12 km away. This is a town with the main amenities such as restaurants, shops, supermarkets, post office, banks, medical practice, small hospital, schools, vocational training, swimming pool, tennis courts, library, theater and a weekly market. The larger town of Viseu is about 25 km away.

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