Unique paradise of 5 ha with private beach on the river Dão, Silgueiros, Viseu

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This is a self-sufficient quinta of more than 5 hectares with approximately 500 meters of riverbank.
On it are 5 registered granite ruins, two of which are registered as residential. One building has already been restored and is used as a living space. On the river are three attached grain mills with together 6 pairs of original millstones. There is a cedar building with kitchen, shower, toilet and space for a washing machine, geyser and solar equipment. This quinta is offered including three caravans, a yurt with a diameter that measures 6.7 meters, a greenhouse, three cars, a forklift, two storage containers, all construction and garden machines and tools, various good wood stoves and wood cooker, etc. building material for the houses is already available.

How are the facilities?
A robust solar installation supplies the electricity. It has a storage of more than 10 kW. Generating energy though the water mills is also an option.
Flowing water comes from its own wells and the water mains pressure is realized by gravity, so no expansion tank is needed. The current owner has laid all kinds of pipes over a large part of the site, supplying water in various places. Hot water is provided by a 200 liter solar water heater. There is a septic tank for the toilet drain. Generous firewood is available on site for heating. Various water sources and wells are scattered throughout the site.

Outdoor space?
The terrain is very varied and adventurous. Overall, it has an intimate and atmospheric character. In many places the atmosphere is paradisiacal. Part is covered with natural forest, mainly oak trees. There are many terraces that have been recently planted with a wide variety of deciduous, fruit and nut trees.
The river beach offers many places to go into the water. Due to a twist of nature, a peninsula has been created of 150 meters long and 20 meters wide. It is covered with deciduous trees and on it is an attractive walking path to a swimming spot with deep water. All this can be seen on the river video.
The quinta is mainly facing south.

This quinta is very suitable for a small residential community as it was in the past. 35 years ago, the quinta was abandoned and isolated and completely overgrown, but since 4 years all the pine forest has been removed and the place is easily accessible, habitable and livable.
A good start has been made with replanting, taking into account fire safety and the creation of biodiversity for the recovery of flora and fauna. For this purpose, a private tree nursery has been set up from which the replanting can be continued.
A start has also been made with applying permaculture principles to increase the water-holding capacity of the mountain slope, which immediately benefits the planting there.
All things considered, this quinta is ready for enthusiasts to continue and enjoy this delightful place.

Where is it?
The plot is very private but not far from civilization. The last 1.3 km. is a well-maintained dirt road. Two km away is Silgueiros with town hall, post office, bank, bakery, supermarket, doctor’s office, optician, dentist, etc. Tondela, a small town, is 12 km away and halfway there is a large organic vegetable farm. Viseu, a larger city, is approx. 25 km. to drive. In Viseu you can virtually find everything you need.

(Excluded from the SCE, under point g) of paragraph 2 of article 18 of Decree-Law no. 101-D/2020, of December 7.)

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